Dream versus Reality

A fairy tale-like- relationship, an impeccable romantic bond, is what most of us dream of having. Embracing this type of ideology about love and romance is somehow the inevitable effect of indulging oneself to romantic movies, teleseryes and even “too-good-to-be-true” novels. Guilty beyond reasonable doubt! But if truth be told, there is no such thing as “perfect relationships” nor “perfect couples” only “flourishing relationships/marriages” and “determined-to-be happy couples”. Yes, reality bites indeed!

In a month time, Rowel and I will celebrate our fourth year of happy marriage! Wow! It’s quite surprising how time flies. Anyhow, most of the people whom we are closely associated with labeled us as “a happy/awesome/sweetest/lovely couple” and attached perfection to our relationship. However, little did they know, we also have had our fair share of heartaches and struggles over the years of being a couple. Truly, pursuing a happy marriage is not a ‘bed of roses’ as every relationship will be put to tests, every couple will have to deal with differences and every marriage is a work-in-progress.

Rowel and I are truly grateful that we were able to faithfully hurdle the difficulties and withstand the trials that we encountered these past years. We are aware that we will still experience more of those… In fact, there are times that our subtle minds carry us into the realm of apprehension and perplexity of life especially when we seriously think of what the future has in store for us. Nonetheless, knowing that ours is an eternal companionship and that God will not give us ordeals beyond our capacity to surmount gives us comfort and assurance that happiness will still not be foreign to us. We know that trials, if triumphantly overcome, will only make our relationship an unbreakable bond!

It has been often said that none of us is alike as each of us is uniquely designed to fulfill certain purposes in life. Peradventure, being a complement to one of God’s creations (particularly the opposite sex) could be one of those reasons. Rowel and I are totally different in many ways. Viewpoint, family background, professional quests, attitude and language are but a few of the differences that we have had to deal with as a couple. However, we always strive to see things positively and do not allow our dissimilarities to ruin our marriage. In fact, it surprises me how our differences not only make us complete but also help us develop a colorful relationship! 🙂

A wedding does “not guarantee’ a together-forever union. It is only a ceremony that will commence your journey towards that path of a lifetime or even infinity as marriages need firm commitment and incessant effort to make it a reality. If the couple wants to be together forever, they should pledge and toil to pay the price of it whenever.  Fiery love, steadfast loyalty, boundless forbearance, unwavering trust and most importantly God-centered bond are necessary to have a thriving marriage that will perhaps lead your matrimony to that time called “eternity”! Hence, having a happy marriage or relationship is achievable only if this is your continuous goal; for as long as we are on earth, it will always be a work-in-progress for us all.

We may have put some couples on a pedestal because they have seemingly portrayed our ultimate dream to have a fairy-tale-like love story, perfect! But is it not an overstatement to attach perfection to any relationship(s)? A dream it is! Faithfully overcoming trials, patiently accepting differences and continuously fulfilling commitments are contributing factors to have a happy married life! Is it not surreal? A reality it is! LOVE LOVE LOVE



16 responses to “Dream versus Reality

  1. ever since i have known you both, i admire your marriage .. i admire how you both take care of your relationship … how you both love and compliment each other. i always site you as a good example of a married couple to others … i love you both and i wish that someday … very soon you will have adorable kids who will grow and live in the likeness of Christ.

    • aaawwww… I’m touched by your kind words ate France! I don’t know what to say next…. hhhmmm…. thank you!

      I have one wish for you… to find that someone who can make you whole! 🙂 Love love love

  2. WOW Charisse! So eloquently written! You are AMAZING! An OHHH so true. You are such a WONDERFUL person and I know that that Rowel is just as WONDERFUL from the stories you have told me of him. Congratulations on your anniversary and many more! ps. I have added you to my list of blogs that I follow! Can’t wait to read more!

    • AMIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for taking time to read my blog. I’m flattered by your good words. You’re really awesome! I’m glad we are still connected one way or another!

      I will write as often as time permits! Thanks again Amie!!! Aloha to daddy cat and the kids! 😀

      P.s. I already changed the picture! hahaha I was kind of exploring this site and thought the monster picture thingy was cool! hahahahaha

  3. charisse,
    am so inspired by your blog really …
    it’s a plus sign when u and ur partner are both in the same belief.
    as i go on i cud feel the intense love, understanding, care, respect of both u ..the requisite for having a successful married life.
    i admire both of u ,young as u are but tried and strived to make a perfect couple possible.
    wishing u the best as ur anniversary approaches. am so happy for u…really…

    • I haven’t really thought that my post would have this much influence to a lot of people… thank you for your kind words and thank you for the well wishes…

      We are far from perfection, but we are doing our best!

  4. wow, u should also try to make a book for an interesting subject..why not try..THE REAL LIFE OF OFWS ABROAD….this would somehow enlighten the minds of our families who used to think that we are just picking pennies’ from every corner of the country where we are in.. ..

    You have great talent of expressing things carried out by your excellent skill in speaking english…Your eloquence will surely bring you to the top …keep it up..but pls stay humble ..keep your feet on the ground…GOD BLESS

    • Jedd: I think my skills in writing ain’t good enough for me to be able to write a book! There are still a lot of things that I need to learn including the techniques and what not! You’re good… how ’bout you write one!?! hehehe

      I just love writing/blogging! It’s my stress buster! But I don’t see myself as a good one! I need to practice more though… I wish I could claim this as “my craft!” But really ain’t good enough!

      “pls stay humble…” I will keep that reminder in mind! Thank you for your suggestions and comments… 🙂 I really appreciate it! God bless you too!!!!

  5. no, really you have excellently performed your ENGLISH ACROBAT..I really love reading your blogs..nainspire nuon ko pagbalik sulat og lain pa..but not in english since i am not as good as you…bulakbol mn tawon ko sa high school ug college..he he he….Please write a book ..I’ll be the second person to buy it since I know your husband will be the first to do it…GOD BLESS…TO GOD BE THE GLORY

    • Keep blogging Jedd! As we believe, more than the language, it is the thoughts/learnings/inspirations that truly count! 😀 blog blog blog… 😀

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