Writing has always been my stress buster and it is one of the fundamental reasons why I was easily persuaded by my friends and husband to start blogging. Oh wait! Did I just say the word “start”?

hhhmmmm…. I was actually an active blogger for a couple of years or so. However, due to having two demanding jobs in Uncle Sam’s land, I had to eventually give it up. Having said that it reminded me of what I posted in one of my blogs six years ago that is worth sharing, “I would like to pour out my soul first on how i immensely miss writing! I just couldn’t believe that i was able to paddle my life’s boat without the existence of blood, WRITING, in my ocean of life.” Let’s end the longing… just blog it baby!

I know I am not an expert, but neither am I a newbie in this blogging thing. However, it feels like I haven’t done this ever in my life. So, I asked my superb friends,  Bon and France, on how to get started.  Thanks guys for your help! 🙂 Let’s blog it baby!

Theme? Topics? Arduous to come up with… So I seek brilliant suggestions  from my supportive husband and friends. “Be a food blogger,” my husband excitedly said. I know that food defines Charisse, but i just don’t want to focus on one subject. “How about parenting?,” Bon exclaimed. Yeah right! I am certainly the best person to talk about parenting as i don’t have kids! (spell sarcasm) Duh! hahahaha Peace! “Just write anything,” France seriously suggested. Oh well… whatever i have in mind and whenever it will come, I will just blog it baby!



14 responses to “BLOG IT!

  1. congratulations! finally ….. you have your blog site!
    i eagerly anticipating of your next write-up! wohooooo!!!!

    • thanks nizy!!!!! 🙂

      My advisers said, my blogs need to be written in such a way that it’s easy to understand! 🙂

      daghang salamat nizy for dropping by! mwah

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