Finding “genuine” individuals that we can call “angels without wings” or simply “friends” is no longer an easy quest nowadays. In fact, it’s becoming more and more difficult and to some extent- uncertain. Treating this as a trivial matter signifies imprudence and it invites unnecessary emotional risks. We need to remember that in this kind of pursuit, we are investing our precious emotions, striving-to-be-upright disposition and reputation, valued TRUST, firm loyalty, unconditional love and real care. Hence, it is important that we choose our friends wisely. They don’t have to be perfect, as no one on earth is, but they should be the kind of people who will influence us to achieve our utmost capacity and foster us to become the best that we can be!

Working outside my native land, the Philippines, for how many years has given me the opportunity to meet a number of people from all walks of life and diverse cultural background. My experiences in dealing with various individuals have taught me so much, especially in determining to whom I should only give my trust! I’ve learned that not all people who are kind in front of me are trustworthy or have good motives or intentions towards me. But I’ve also learned that judging others before even having the chance to get to know them is wrong and unfair. Unless PROVEN unworthy of our friendship and trust, we should allow others – with reservation of course – to demonstrate their offerings of familiarity and kindness. Who knows, it might be genuine! Nonetheless, DO IT WITH PRUDENCE!

I have always lived away from my immediate family since I entered college; truly, life has not been that easy thereafter. Battling homesickness has always been challenging… Without my friends, I don’t think I would be able to carry on!

I’m no longer alone in my journey especially in this unique place (the KSA); however, the importance of having good friends remains true, my mom taught me so. My husband and I consider our friends as part of our family. Like any of our family members, they (our friends) are our source of wisdom when we are blinded with ambiguous things, strength when we are down emotionally and spiritually, happiness when we are hurting and depressed and inspiration when we are thinking that quitting is an option. God has really been so good to us because He led us to those good-natured strangers who we got to know, developed camaraderie with and eventually turned out to be our “angels without wings.”


Rowel and I are really blessed to have friends who…

… love and care for us regardless of our imperfections

… can say both good and bad things about us when we are around

…celebrate with us when we achieve something instead of pulling us down because of jealousy or envy

…are honest and loyal to us

…love to discuss brilliant ideas and personal experiences with us

…share sound advices to us

…laugh with us

…reprimand us for our unacceptable actions

During my time of meditation, I can’t help myself from asking; “What did I do to deserve all these blessings?” I oftentimes feel inadequate! Nevertheless, at the end of each day, I never fail to express my heartfelt gratitude to my Heavenly Father for not only giving me a wonderful family and a loving husband but also great friends.

I treasure my old and long time friends as they have had significant contributions of who I am now. Truthfully, I am thankful that their loyalty and love never falter. The friendships that we built in the past remain strong despite the test of time and distance! I love you, my dear friends!

To all our newly found friends, we are thrilled to build more memories of lasting friendship with you guys. Thank you for being who you are! We love and cherish each one of you too!

“Friends for keeps” –that’s what we are indeed!



Len Obcena for providing the pictures…

Bon Talampas for editing…

France Roxas, Khris Cruz and Duard Valle for the thoughts and suggestions….